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Article: Benefits of Copper Yarn in Socks

Benefits of Copper Yarn in Socks

Compression socks offer a lot of benefits—they help reduce swelling and can fight the signs of varicose veins. Their job is to keep the blood flowing through your legs so your circulation is as optimal as possible. But, are some compression socks better than others?

As it turns out, copper compression socks offer greater advantages than options that don't include copper in the fabric.

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What Are Copper Yarn Compression Socks?

Copper yarn compression socks are literally made with copper woven directly into the textile. You'll reap the same rewards as you would with normal compression socks (improved circulation, vein support, diminished swelling, and prevention of ulcers and deep vein thrombosis), while simultaneously enjoying even more benefits as a result of the copper that's infused into the fabric. They're often knee-high as a means of supporting the entire foot and calf, although they can also come in shorter varieties.

Copper Socks Benefits

1. They stimulate the body to be healthier

The element of copper can bolster the body to enhance its production of certain things, from head to toe. You might experience:

  • Stimulation of capillary production
  • Improved collagen production
  • Healthier, smoother skin

2. They protect your feet against bacteria and odors

Copper has natural antibacterial properties, which is why it's a great element to use in sock fabric. It protects your feet against fungi and bacteria, which can otherwise cause you to have stinky feet. Plus, when there are no bacteria building up in the enclosed space of your shoe, your feet will stay healthier.

3. They protect promote healing

Copper socks can be especially beneficial if you have blisters or any foot injuries, as the element is known to promote wound healing. This makes copper socks particularly ideal for people who have diabetes or suffer from athlete's foot.

Are Copper Compression Socks Safe?

Copper compression socks are safe. There's no harm in wearing them, even if you don't have a medical problem that would otherwise benefit from this type of sock. Even if you're not prone to blisters or fungus, it's nice to know you've got an antibacterial tool in your sock drawer, especially for those long days when your feet will be stuck in your shoes for hours on end.

Can You Sleep in Copper Fit Socks?

The point of compression socks is to help your body fight the gravity that pulls on your blood when you're standing up. When you're sleeping, there's not as much pull for them to fight against, so they may not be as effective during your slumber. However, wearing them while you sleep will keep your legs warm, which can increase circulation and help oxygen and nutrients find their way throughout your body more easily.


  • Copper compression socks are safe and offer many benefits
  • Copper compression socks are great for people who have foot issues, such as athlete's foot
  • Copper is an antimicrobial, antibacterial element that promotes healing

No matter the reason you're considering copper-infused compression socks, Dr. Motion is here to help you find the compression socks that work best for your needs. From stylish knee-highs to copper-infused socks of all sizes, you can count on Dr. Motion to give you the socks that support optimal circulation and leg health. You can order our socks online now!


Disclaimer: This article provides information solely for educational purposes, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other materials contained herein. This article is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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