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Article: Why You Should Wear Compression Socks This Summer

Why You Should Wear Compression Socks This Summer

Thoughts of summer often bring to mind images of bare feet, sandals and toes in the sand, but consider a compression sock for optimum foot and lower leg health. Wearing compression socks this summer for benefits such as reduced leg swelling, improved circulation and decreased risk of blood clots during summer vacation travels; but what are the best compression socks for Summer? Dr. Motion's lightweight compression socks or ankle socks can help you stay cool and healthy on the beautiful summer days.

Why Wear Compression Socks

Summer days include hours of outdoor fun such as hiking, cycling, running, roller skating and walking. The hot weather encourages outdoor workouts, garden strolls and yard care. These activities use lower body muscles to jump, run, bend, skate and pedal, and compression socks support the muscles throughout these movements. In addition to providing muscle support, compression socks aid in muscle recovery by slightly increasing muscle temperature, which increases circulation and aids in the removal of wastes. This increase in waste removal time decreases muscle soreness and enhances muscle recovery.


Lightweight compression socks are also ideal during a Summer pregnancy. Graduated compression socks decrease leg swelling and support healthy circulation throughout the lower body. Pregnancy does not equal a cessation of activities and chores, so wear socks daily to support work and play. Match stylish socks to any maternity outfit for a fun and flirty look.


Compression Socks for Summer Running


Summer Travel

For many people, summer is the time to travel. Most travel options require a lot of sitting whether it is by plane, automobile, bus or train. Sitting for extended time periods increases one's risk for blood clots that can form in large veins and travel throughout the body. Wear compression socks to decrease the risk of blood clot formation and health complications that may result. In addition, extended time sitting can lead to leg swelling which compression socks help alleviate. If full, knee-high socks are uncomfortable while traveling, slide into a pair of calf sleeves to keep feet cool, but also maintain healthy lower legs and protection against blood clot formation.

Summer Compression Socks

Summer Work

Summer days may also mean a change in job duties or a new, temporary position. Therefore, feet and lower legs may be exposed to new challenges. Wear compression ankle socks to support feet and ankles, or wear knee-high socks for feet, ankle and lower leg structure to alleviate discomfort.

Varicose Veins

Painful or painless varicose veins are often relieved through the support and coverage of compression socks. Lightweight compression socks reduce leg swelling and lessen the weight of gravity on varicose veins, which reduces pain symptoms. In addition, colorful choices make compression socks easy to pair with summer clothing. Be sure to keep on hand a variety of colors for every day of the week.

Compression Sock Reminders

  • Dr. Motion offers top of the line compression socks for Summer running and after workouts to support muscle recovery and ease workout discomfort.
  • Enjoy the benefits of lightweight compression socks during a summer pregnancy including improved circulation and decreased leg swelling.
  • Slip on a pair of calf sleeves or knee-high compression socks while traveling to reduce the risk of blood clots.
  • Use compression socks to support feet and legs for job transitions or increased job duties.
  • Select a variety of compression socks to lessen varicose vein discomfort.

Start Wearing Compression Socks Today

The sooner compression socks are added to daily attire, the quicker the benefits are felt and appreciated. Wear compression socks throughout the year including the summer to alleviate leg swelling, decrease discomfort and shorten muscle recovery time. The various compression strengths, patterns, and sizes will fit work, exercise, pregnancy, play, and home activities. Choose a variety to pair well with all weather activities to keep legs and feet feeling healthy and strong whatever the summer brings.


Disclaimer: This article provides information solely for educational purposes, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other materials contained herein. This article is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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