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Article: Which Compression Socks Goes Best With Your Zodiac Sign?

Which Compression Socks Goes Best With Your Zodiac Sign?

Although astrological signs originated in 450 BCE, zodiacs have been on the rise in current fashion trends. This blog provides which Dr. Motion compression sock fits best with your specific zodiac sign. 

The type of sock you wear should fit your personality. Whether you need compression socks for your feet, calves, or both, Dr. Motion has the best compression socks available with a wide selection you can buy easily online. Take this fun online quiz to find the best, most comfortable sock for you based on your zodiac sign.


As the first sign of the zodiac, an Aries loves being in the lead. They are competitive, determined, enthusiastic, and have a knack for sports and individual challenges.

The Sports Performance Compression Socks are fitting for Arians who dive headfirst into any challenge they face. These socks are designed with the athlete in mind and feature moderate compression, anti-microbial fabric, arch support, and cushioned heel and sole pads.


While they can be stubborn and bull-headed at times, Taureans are dependable, diligent individuals who have an intense desire for luxury and comfort. A Taurus will never say no to a spa day, which makes the Floral Comfort Top Socks an excellent choice. These socks have a smooth toe seam to reduce friction and irritation and allow for maximum stretch. The Comfort Top Socks also come in many different colors and patterns.


Geminis have enough energy for two people, hence the symbolic nature of their sign. Outgoing and extroverted, Geminis are known for being playful and curious. The Dancing Dots Knee-High Compression Socks are a fitting choice for Geminis, who love spontaneity and expressing themselves.


The Cancer sign is represented by the crab, a creature that co-exists between land and shore. Cancers are emotional, intuitive creatures who can be fluid like the ocean, but their hard outer shells means they can be sensitive and closed off.

The Ombre Waves Athleisure Socks feature mesmerizing shapes reminiscent of water and sunsets, with the added bonuses of compression and improved circulation.


Make way for the Leo. Bold, fiery, and notoriously dramatic, Leos are free-spirited and energetic like the lion, which make the Tie Dye Knee-High Compression Socks a perfect choice. These socks come in three different colors: Cashmere Rose, Deep Water, and Orchid Bloom. They feature a mild compression and breathable cotton blend, making them ideal for fun, everyday activities.


Practical and diligent, Virgos are hard workers and grounded individuals. They need stability and consistency in life, so having multiple pairs of the Solid Half-Cushion Ankle Compression Sock are smart choices for everyday wear. These socks cover all the basics–360 compression, anti-odor and sweat-wicking material, Achilles protection tabs, and enhanced cushion. Wear them to work or out having a fun time with friends–they’re unassuming and go with any daily outfit.


The Libra’s goal is to attain balance and harmony in the world. As forceful advocates of justice, Librans are intelligent, persuasive, and straightforward. With the microfiber material of the Solid Microfiber Nylon Knee-High Socks, which uses 95% less resources than cotton in production, these socks are ideal for Librans looking to make an ethically conscious impact on the world. 


Scorpios get a bad wrap for being dark and moody, but their mysterious, sensitive personalities are what make them so intriguing. Scorpios are passionate, deep thinkers who express themselves creatively. The pair of Damask Floral Knee-High Compression Socks embody Scorpio energy with darker floral tones.


The Soft Aztec Athleisure Compression Socks feature a bright, bold pattern reminiscent of Ancient Aztec artwork. Sagittarians are always on a quest for knowledge, which takes them on many geographical and spiritual journeys. These socks will speak to a Sagittarius’ relentless pursuit of adventure.


For someone hardworking and ambitious like a Capricorn, the Solid Liner Compression Socks fit a busy lifestyle. These socks have the same 360 support and compression, but are suitable for flats or sneakers when you want to keep your sockwear subtle and fit your professional work attire.


Aquarians are known for their love of the natural world. Their humanitarian qualities make them excellent stewards of the land, and they care deeply about animal welfare. The Elephants Knee-High Compression Socks are fitting pairs for Aquarians, considering the gentle nature of these creatures and their tragically endangered populations.


Known as the peacemaker of the zodiac, Pisces is intuitive and empathetic. They feel everything around them–the good and the bad–making them highly self-aware. Much like the healing abilities Pisces has, the Solid Copper-Infused Knee-High Socks have a copper-iron-infused heel with anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes healing, reduces pressure, and softens skin.


  • Match your mood, personality, and zodiac to a compression sock that suits your needs
  • Dr. Motion has a wide variety of compression socks available based on style, length, color, and cushion.
  • Shop Dr. Motion socks on our site!


Disclaimer: This article provides information solely for educational purposes, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other materials contained herein. This article is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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