What Kinds of Compression Socks Should You Wear for Summer Running?

Lightweight compression socks for summer do more than add a fashion statement to your wardrobe. Wearing knee high compression socks during summer can reduce leg inflammation and pain, making your travels and movements much more comfortable. In addition, when you wear compression socks for summer running, you may find increased endurance and a faster workout recovery time.


The amount of time you spend on your feet often increases in the warm summer months. You may also find you are spending more time on your feet as you enjoy hikes, sports or walking outside, or you might find yourself performing more demanding chores such as cutting trees or lawn maintenance. 

While physical activity enhances your heart and your mental health, you may find with the warmer summer weather, that your body suffers from inflammation, pain and swelling. If your summer activities are creating lower leg discomfort, sports compression socks for summer -- including ones that have mesh knitting to improve air flow to your lower legs and feet -- can alleviate discomfort, swelling and inflammation. As a result, your legs are less fatigued, your recovery time shortens and you are able to enjoy more physical activities.

Compression Socks For Summer Running


According to the American Heart Association, compression socks are part of a prevention plan to reduce your risk of venous thromboembolism, which is more commonly known as a blood clot. Compression socks increase circulation throughout your legs to reduce the chances of a blood clot forming. Compression socks are also a natural way to alleviate pain from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. Mild compression socks can be worn throughout the day and night to alleviate this kind of muscle discomfort.


If you have a summer pregnancy, you may experience bloating and swelling in your legs. Compression socks are a simple way to eliminate leg swelling and reduce leg fatigue caused by pregnancy and the heat. Always speak with your doctor regarding the proper duration to wear your women’s compression socks, but plan to purchase a variety of styles and colors so you can wear them every day.

Compression Socks For Summer Running


The Mayo Clinic suggests wearing compression socks daily to improve circulation, reduce lightheadedness and limit leg swelling. Be mindful of the time of day you wear your socks, and aim to put on your compression socks early in the day before your legs begin to swell. For an easier time getting your leg into the compression sock, roll down the sock and place it over your foot first before pulling the sock up your lower leg. If you have a pain condition that affects your hands, such as arthritis, look for a specific tool that assists you with putting on tight socks.


  • Use compression socks to reduce workout pain, inflammation and swelling

  • Wear compression socks during pregnancy to improve circulation and reduce bloating

  • Enjoy compression socks for health benefits such as reduced risk of blood clots and decreased chronic pain

When you are able to match your cute outfits with compression socks, you are more likely to wear them and enjoy the health benefits. You can also add compression socks to your workout gear to enhance endurance and recovery time. Purchase a pair of women’s or men’s compression socks for every day of the week! Start enjoying the benefits of compression socks today by visiting Dr. Motion and finding your closest retailer.