Complete Dress Sock Style Guide: The Do's and Don'ts

How do you express yourself?

You've probably got a certain kind of dress that speaks to your unique style. Maybe it's fun and quirky, or maybe you're a business professional who's got a whole closet full of suits and neutral colors that are good for any company occasion. What you might not have, however, are the perfect socks to compliment your outfits. After all, socks enable you to express your personality, no matter what outfit they’re complementing. With this in mind, let's explore some of the dos and don'ts of dress socks.

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Over-the-calf dress socks are common for both men and women. Whereas the socks are usually hiding under pant legs on men, women can sport them with skirts, shorts, and pants.

Don't go for low-quality socks that won't stay up. You'll find them far more annoying than fashionable or fun, and when you spend the entire day trying to tug them up in a way that's as minimally awkward as possible, you might end up tossing them in the trash or using them as dust rags when you get home. Avoiding socks that won't stay up by themselves also allows you to avoid medieval-looking contraptions that connect your shirt to your socks so they stay in place.

Do look for a high-quality, reputable brand that's known for making socks that stay up. Compression socks, for example, are built to go the extra mile all day long, staying where they're supposed to while simultaneously providing your legs and heart with a little relief from that thing we call gravity. Do look for socks that have a wide elastic waistband at the top, as that will provide comfort while you're wearing them without restricting your blood flow.


Nobody said you have to do black or gray socks. In fact, men's fashion dress socks are a great way to showcase your personality with subtle style.

Don't go for ankle-length socks because people will be able to see your legs when you sit down. That's not a good look for anybody. Don't go for mid-calf-length socks, either. Those are a surefire miss because they'll almost certainly spend most of their time falling down.

Do make sure your socks go all the way to the knee and don't have a seam on the toe, which can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially in dress shoes.


Socks are a fun way for people to be individuals at weddings while still maintaining the look and feel the happy couple is going for.

Don't be boring!

Do choose fun patterns, styles, and colors that can serve as conversation pieces when the reception gets underway. Rest assured, they'll also make for a few fun wedding photos.


Brown shoes are common, but they don't have to be bland. Spice up your outfit with fun socks that don't blend into the background.

Don't wear brown socks with brown shoes.

Do go for something fun like blue or gray socks that have interesting details on them.


Natural fibers or blends that are created with natural fibers are best for your feet.

Don't opt for thick, hand-woven socks. Not only will they probably not fit inside your dress shoes, they simply won't fit the occasion.

Do look for cotton or cotton-blend dress socks that incorporate anti-microbial elements so your feet won't keep the bad bacteria that can make your shoes stink.


  • Socks can add a personal flair to any outfit, even if it's professional or dress attire.

  • Colors are completely okay, even with plain brown dress shoes.

  • Material matters. Look for socks that are made from cotton or high-quality fibers to ensure your feet and legs are protected and comfortable.

At Dr. Motion, we know it's important to express your style with dress socks that are both fashionable and functional. Whether you're shopping for work or play, we've got your feet covered! Get your Dr. Motion compression dress socks today!