Best gifts this Christmas for your workaholic friends

Hustling from 9-5 has been a routine for most of the working professionals. Due to the pandemic and even on holidays, more workload is being added on every salaryman’s shoulder. These have resulted in a lack of time for themselves. The thing now is they could not even bother to have some much needed rest and recreation.

This should not be the case if there is a friend like you who is reading this that can give them a surprise just for a change. Your friend might refuse to take a personal time off no matter how tired they are. Hence, here are the best gifts this Christmas to brighten up their day. 

1. Desk plants

If your friend works overtime, having something to look at on their desk would be a great help. Succulents can help make them calm and boost their creativity. Plus, it purifies the air that they breathe, making this an aid as they finish all the pile of deliverables.

2. Memory foam pillow

Sleeping (or the lack thereof) is a precious thing for them to help them rest better. Supporting the head, neck, and the natural curve of the spine, research says that this type of pillow is designed for both back and side sleeping positions. The morning after, they’re more energized and fueled to perform at work better.

3. Scented candles

Bringing an essential role in one’s mood and overall mental health, scented candles are here to light us up. There are a number of scents available in the market including lavender, chamomile, cinnamon, jasmine, lemon, and rosemary. Allow them to sniff the stress and anxiety out!

4. Travel tickets

We are aware to begin with that they have less time to spare exploring the world since their schedule is being spent more on the grind. Whether they might use these or not, do not hesitate to encourage them to have a change of scenery even just for a few days. If they have the privilege of working remotely, they could still do their responsibilities while enjoying the sea breeze. 

5. Compression socks

You might want to check if your overworked friends, especially those who are always on their feet on a daily basis. For those who are standing for long hours at work such as nurses, teachers, and athletes, Dr. Motion knee-high compression socks are great for comfort, quality, and function without compromising style, making it a great day-to-day wear for all the workaholics out there.

Before you hesitate giving these socks to those who sit all day at the office chair, these are perfect for them for ankle support as everyone can step into wellness every day.

Pat on your back for being thoughtful of you to give them these stuff on our list. Whether your friends are working from home or reporting at the office, these Christmas gift ideas would definitely fit their lifestyle. Start your holiday gift shopping now and prepare to receive big hugs.

You’re welcome!