When Should You Wear Compression Socks?

There are several instances where it makes sense to wear compression socks. Learn more about these socks by checking out this guide.

About 60% of Americans don't exercise as much as they should. This can cause several health problems including decreased blood flow. Poor circulation can lead to blood clots, weakening limbs, and more.

Luckily, wearing compression socks can help to get your blood pumping even when you're forced to sit or stand for long periods. Read on to learn when you should wear compression socks.

When You Wake Up

When you're sleeping, you're in a completely sedentary state. You haven't changed position in many hours, so your legs probably have slightly swelled up.

While you don't need to wear compression socks to bed, it's a good idea to put some on when you first wake up. This will decrease the swelling that's built up overnight and get your blood pumping again.

When You're Exercising

Compression socks are good when you're sleeping because of sedentary swelling. However, they're also a good idea for when you're moving your body.

When you're running or playing sports, compression socks can help to deliver oxygen to all areas of your body, increase your blood flow throughout your limbs, and prevent soft tissue damage. You'll be much better at the sports you apply yourself to, You also are more likely to have higher endurance.

Whether or not you choose to wear compression socks during physical activity, they're a must-wear after your workout. They reduce swelling and make sure that your muscles aren't too sore post-exercise. In this way, they're a key part of healing.

While At Work

Most people are forced to sit or stand for long periods while at work. Both those with desk jobs and retail employees experience this.

This can cause fluid retention in your legs, ankles, and feet. Swelling is probable and discomfort is inevitable.

To get your blood pumping back up into your legs and torso, you'll need some compression socks. They offset the circulation impacts of inactive muscles in one position all day.

When You're Flying

Flying in an airplane forces you to sit for a long stretch of time with your feet down. This is uncomfortable at best. At worst, it can cause swelling, circulation problems, and blood clots.

You can take them off when you get to your destination and not need to worry about your feet falling asleep. This will let you make the most out of your travels and prevent you from being uncomfortable when you're sightseeing.

When You're Pregnant

Pregnancy produces a hormone called progesterone that helps to create a nurturing environment for the growing baby. This hormone causes swelling in the lower legs and ankles. It's the reason that many pregnant women have varicose veins.

Starting with compression socks early in pregnancy can help to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Wear Compression Socks ASAP

Poor circulation can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to further health complications, so it's important that you take preventative measures. Now that you know when to wear compression socks, it's time to start shopping.

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