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Article: How to Add Fun Socks to Every Outfit

How to Add Fun Socks to Every Outfit

Dr. Motion compression socks come in a variety of lengths, patterns, and fun colors. Looking out for your health doesn't mean sacrificing your style. Wearing fun compression socks with every outfit costs less than the price of most fashion accessories. Check out our fun socks for men and women and how they can change your wardrobe below!

Whether you're expecting a baby, recovering from surgery, or an avid athlete, ankle-length or knee-high compression stockings made with special technique that applies gentle pressure to your legs to improve blood flow to the heart. Do you sit in one place for long periods? Fashionably patterned compression socks can help your legs look and feel better.

Stylish Compression Socks

Knee-High Socks for Any Outfit

Women's knee-high socks provide mild compression of 8-15 mmHg that can help prevent varicose veins. They are available in solid colors like black, charcoal, and navy, but they're also available in adorable patterns, which lets you wear compression socks with any outfit. A fan favorite is our sheep farm socks! But, no matter which color or design you choose, these compression socks made of a breathable cotton blend. The anti-microbial material eliminates odors and the seamless reinforced toe helps prevent holes for long-lasting use. Go crazy with multi-pattern socks with stripes, dots and bright colors — all on one pair — or go retro preppy with dressy compression socks, such as argyle socks that elevate casual or dressy outfits. There are tons of styles to match your personality.

Men's knee-high socks come in a variety of patterns and styles as well. Consider fun socks such as the patriotic stars and stripes style with a polyblend of cotton, nylon and spandex for moisture-wicking comfort and all-day circulation support. Wear them with jeans and trousers or go bold and wear them with shorts on patriotic holidays or any day.

Cute Compression Socks

Fun Ankle Socks for Sporty Looks

Compression socks treat conditions such as edema (fluid retention). For women, wearing ankle-length compression socks can decrease swelling in your feet or ankles. So, go ahead and wear them with tennis shoes and sneakers. Choose from fun horizontal stripes, two-toned, and geometric patterns to dress up shorts and miniskirts. Our geo diamonds pattern ankle socks with TruDry microfiber nylon fabric keep your feet dry and comfortable. The Achilles protection tab prevents chafing and blisters and holds your socks in place.

For men, you get the same health effects and performance benefits, so you can play it safe with plain black and white styles or get a little wild for after-hours. Wearing fun socks can dress up your casual sports bar look, especially when you purchase socks with sudsy beer mugs or hungry sharks to add a little personality to your ensemble.

Both men's and women's patterns come in packs of two pairs. One pair is typically a solid color or two-toned in white, gray or black to match all your outfits.

Comfort Top Socks

If your primary interest is matching socks with outfits, consider comfort top socks with a latex-free cotton and rayon blend that gives you the support you need and a super soft feel. These non-binding Lycra socks in blue, white, black, beige and other color combinations have a graduated cuff that allows you to stretch and move without feeling restricted. Improve your circulation and your style with copper ion infused yarn to facilitate blood flow. TruDry wicking at the toe and sole promotes healing and softer skin.


  • For more fun ideas on matching socks with your outfit, check out Dr. Motion's best sellers and new arrivals.
  • Come back often to see what fun compression socks we have recently introduced and give your favorite styles to a friend.
  • You may find friends and family members asking where you got your fashionable compression socks.
  • Improve the style standards at work and school by recommending our line of fun compression socks for men and women.

Best Fun Socks

To update your sock drawer with a wide selection of colorful or business-wear compression socks, visit Dr. Motion online or at participating retailers. Dr. Motion manufactures compression socks with mild to moderate pressure so they can be worn all day comfortably. 


Disclaimer: This article provides information solely for educational purposes, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other materials contained herein. This article is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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