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Article: 5 Stretches and Exercises to Improve Blood Circulation

5 Stretches and Exercises to Improve Blood Circulation

Did you know a healthier body can just be a few stretches away?

Proper circulation can be key to maintaining optimal health. When the blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, every organ can function properly, wounds will heal faster, the brain remains sharp, and infections are kept at bay.

You can boost blood circulation through simple means like drinking black or green tea as a source of antioxidants, quitting smoking to prevent the blood vessel walls from getting destroyed, and adding more omega-3 fatty acids to your diet as they are good for your heart. 

But good blood circulation can also come from something as simple as stretching. When you stretch, you relieve the swelling from fluid retention which causes discomfort as passages become narrowed or blocked.


For those who are experiencing difficulty with poor blood flow, get started with these light exercises and stretches:

1. Walking

Did you know that simply going for a daily walk can be just as important as any other form of exercise?

Walking makes muscles contract and relax, resulting in increased blood flow. This promotes the formation of new blood vessels in the legs as well as throughout the body. It makes a good general exercise to lower your blood pressure and it is beneficial for cardiovascular health by increasing the heart rate minus the strenuous effort.

Blood circulation can be improved with only 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking every day or several times a week.

Go ahead, take some small steps now! To keep your feet cool & dry, you could wear a pair of quarter compression socks with breathable mesh that’s anti-microbial & anti-odor.

2. Leg extensions

Have you heard that quads make up one of the most significant muscles in the body?

For gym-goers wanting to strengthen the patellar ligament and quadriceps attached to the knee, you’ll often need the help of a machine. But even if you don’t have access to such equipment, a low-intensity workout for your legs can already make a huge impact.

For at least 3 times a week, this can be done by sitting straight up on a chair and slowly raising your leg up until they’re at the same level as your thigh knee. You may do this 10 times for 3 sets, one for each leg. If you’re ready for more of a challenge, try lifting with some weighted resistance!

You can get started by trying varying degrees of weight in the convenience of your home or office today while wearing this pair of knee-high compression socks with copper ion infused heel, toe, and sole that offers anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Punch and twist

Are you up for a change? We know that you sometimes feel like there’s nothing new in your life so here’s a twist to try: the punch and twist!

Punching and twisting warms you up in an instant and boosts circulation as the larger muscle groups of the arms are at work. With flexion and extension of the elbows and arms, rotation of your trunk, to exhaling through your diaphragm with every punch, this cardiovascular exercise can improve blood flow throughout your body.

In a standing position, punch one arm out as far as you can while twisting your spine. Bring your arms back to your chest then punch with the other arm. Do these 20 punches in 3 sets and exhale fully with each punch. Are you game for it?

Before that, make sure that you have worn your sports performance compression socks that can promote an increase in oxygen and blood flow to provide increased stamina and enhanced performance!

4. Downward dog

By connecting our body, breath, and mind, yoga keeps our mental and physical health intact. It’s no surprise it’s good for blood circulation!. Are you ready to do one of yoga's essential poses? 

Relieving tension from the neck and back, downward dog stretches and widens the hamstrings, the calves as well as the Achilles tendon to improve blood flow throughout the body. This is often practiced in modern yoga as a part of the flowing sequence of poses called Surya Namaskar or “Salute to the Sun.”

Begin with your hands and knees, and place your toes on the floor. With your palms and the balls of your feet, push up while straightening your legs and back straight to bring your butt into the air. For at least 30 seconds, hold this position then repeat.

Get your yoga mat ready. Namaste! Made with non-binding Lycra and graduated cuff, here’s a pair of comfort top socks to allow maximum stretch for unrestricted circulation and a better fit around the leg.

5. Diaphragmatic Breathing

If you’re doing something right now, could you pause for a bit? With all the things that are running inside your mind, take your time to just breathe at this moment. Take the opportunity to relax even just for a little while.

Deep breathing through your diaphragm increases oxygen in the cells which results in slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improved blood circulation. This may sound too simple but diaphragmatic breathing stimulates deep lymphatic structures in improving the movement of nutrients and waste material between the bloodstream and body tissues.

In a lying position, putting one hand on your belly and one on your chest then breathing for 5 minutes boosts blood circulation. This makes a beneficial difference since most of us breathe into our chests and not with our bellies.

Now, lie down and breathe. Wear Dr. Motion compression socks too to feel even more in the present!


Disclaimer: This article provides information solely for educational purposes, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other materials contained herein. This article is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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