5 Must-Have Travel Essentials for Your Next Long Flight

Preparing for a long flight? Packing the necessities (phone charger and passport!) comes first, but there are many things you can add to make your travel experience more comfortable.

Here, we’ll reveal five items you should always have handy in your carry-on bag to ease your long flight discomforts, protect your health, and keep yourself content. Carry on essentials for long flights can make all the difference between a short flight feeling long and a long flight feeling short!

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Long Haul Flight Essentials 2020

Travel Pillow

If the thought of a travel pillow means less room in your carry-on, consider an inflatable travel pillow. These pillows flatten and do not take up needed space in your bag, but you can quickly inflate them to offer neck support while you rest comfortably. U-shaped, inflatable travel pillows can help you sleep in an upright position while protecting your neck from discomfort -- a must-have for those red-eye flights!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Since you cannot choose your seat-mates on long flights, you may be at risk of sitting next to someone who wants to talk throughout the flight, an unhappy child who is crying, or someone who watches a loud movie with poor headphones. In these situations and more, you want the ability to block out unnecessary sounds so you can work, rest or enjoy your own music or movie. Noise-canceling headphones can even be worn around your neck or slipped into a carry-on pocket, so no worries on space.

Power Bank

If you rely on technology, bringing a power bank with you on a long flight is a necessity. A power bank gives you the opportunity to charge your devices when needed, but check with the Transportation Security Administration prior to packing your bags. The TSA allows power banks in carry-on bags, but not in checked bags. Also, be sure to charge your power bank at home so you have enough power to last you through the long flight.


Although many long flights offer in-flight meals and snacks, you may want to consider bringing your own. Packing healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers, or dried fruits will help to curb your appetite and keep your mood stable. Be mindful of other passengers who may have food allergies and also check with TSA's guidelines for bringing food and liquids onto the plane.

Compression Socks

The risk of blood clots that begin in your legs increases as the duration of your flight increases.  If you are planning a flight that is more than four hours in duration, then you may be at an increased risk for a blood clot, according to the World Health Organization. You can walk around the cabin and perform toe flexing and pointing exercises while in your seats, but one of the best ways to protect yourself is to wear compression socks

Compression socks are available in a variety of patterns so you can match your travel outfits. The best compression socks for flying have a mild compression level between 8 and 15 mmHg. This level of compression increases circulation and improves leg strength so your travel is comfortable and safe. Some people experience foot and ankle swelling due to a change in pressure, and graduated compression can help manage that. In addition, many of the best compression socks for flying are designed to have an anti-odor capability. You will arrive at your destination feeling rejuvenated, protected from blood clots, and odor-free.

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Travel Essentials List

As a reminder, domestic and international travel essentials for your next long flight include:

  • A convenient travel pillow
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Power bank
  • Healthy snacks
  • Best compression socks for flying

Best Compression Socks for Travel

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