Unique Benefits of Copper Infused Compression Socks

Copper is a unique ingredient that can be spun into a specific fiber that is infused into compression socks. It offers many benefits, especially when compared to regular socks. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has certified copper as the first solid material with anti-microbial properties. That’s just one of the basic reasons why it’s so beneficial for use in footwear.

At Dr. Motion we have copper infused compression socks that come with special benefits. Let’s look into what makes the best copper compression socks and how the anti fatigue compression can make your feet and legs feel fantastic.

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Are Copper Compression Socks Better Than Regular Ones?

It’s the copper ion infused yarn that makes copper compression socks better than regular ones. Copper has special anti-microbial and healing effects that make it the ultimate element to add to compression socks. They just work wonders together for total foot and leg health. When you wear copper infused compression socks you are going to feel the difference.

8 Copper Infused Sock Benefits

Here are 8 of the unique benefits of copper infused compression socks:

  1. Non-Binding With Mild Compression: The compression factor is 8-15 mmHg. What that means is the compression is mild enough for all day wear. It’s a better fit for around the leg like the Solid Copper Infused Knee-High Compression Socks for men and women. The anti fatigue compression will help your legs and feet feel less achy and tired after a long day.
  2. Unrestricted Circulation: The copper is blended with Lycra for unrestricted circulation and a comfortable feel.
  3. Anti-inflammatory Properties: The blend of copper at the toes is going to help to keep swelling of the feet and legs away with its anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Promotes Healing: Copper is an element that promotes the healing of cracked heels and blisters.
  5. Soft Skin: Copper is going to help improve the production of collagen and beneficial proteins in your skin which will make it exceptionally soft and smooth.
  6. Anti-microbial: The ability to ward off bacteria and fungus in the foot area is another benefit of copper infused socks. No more athlete’s foot!
  7. Anti-odor: Your feet will just smell better at the end of the day with this type of compression sock.
  8. Great for Diabetics: People with diabetes sometimes have problems with circulation in their feet. Wearing copper infused socks will help to alleviate that issue.

Mild Compression With Solid Copper Infused Styles

With Dr. Motion’s selection of copper infused sock styles, you are going to find just the right pair to wear each day. One of our favorite styles is the Graduated Stripe Comfort Top Half Cushion SocksThey come with two pairs per pack so you’ll have a great looking duo of socks with all the benefits of copper. It’s the right pair to start out with if you don’t want a full knee-high pair of compression socks.


If you have questions about any of the benefits that copper infused compression socks can provide to you, send us a messageWe’ll take the time to show you which socks will be right for your lifestyle and needs. The copper infused styles are just one type of our many beneficial compression socks. Your road to wellness is going to start at your feet.